Road trip au Monténégro

About /

The Compagnons Explorateurs are two young Auvergnats bloggers, both passionate about nature and architecture. Their goal is to discover places, cultures and good plans (culinary…).

For this, they are present on the social networks (Instagram: more than 2,000 subscribers), Facebook, and have creates a website :

Regularly they speak to us in the form of illustrated articles that are read for the most part and hundred of times. Little by little, their community grows. They collaborate with tourist offices, travel agencies, private compagnies in order to develop toursim attractiveness.

How do they proceed ? /

After having exchanged with te different structures and what the offer them, they collaborate to make a relevant itinerary. The articles are written quickly and during their trip, they share daily on the social networks their trip by mentioning the activites carried out, the places visited and also their partnerships.
Regular exchanges are offered to adjust the itinerary if necessary during the trip. A statistical follow-up of the fallout is proposed for each of the structures.

Presentation of the trip /

Our trip is organized around a discovery of the multiple landscapes of the country. We want to discover this wealth through a varied route combining architectural discovery and nature with canyons, lakes and moutains.

We had not finished planning our trip precisely. We count on tourism organizations to offer activities in the form of partnerships (tickets for museums, activities …) to promote different cities, different park and more generally the country  on our website and on our social networks.

We expect from you a return on the activities you offer us with discounts and / or entries for different places to advertise.

We now present the destinations we have planned to discover, day by day.

We remain open to all proposals from you concerning the different visits that are planned.



31/07 à 19h35

14/08 à 8h20

Total distance : 496km on road by car

Our partners for this trip

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and we count on your support.